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Oxford) Child Marriage in the Middle East and North Africa A Dowry for Mahrou (Short Film) Temporary Marriages In Iran I was a temporary bride - The Guardian (July 11, 2015) Iran talks up temporary marriages - BBC (June 2, 2007) Love Finds a Way in Iran: 'Temporary Marriage' - NY Times (October 4, 2000) Temporary Marriage in Iran (Qantara) In the Bazar of Sexes-Documentary by Sudabeh Mortezai Law of desire: temporary marriage in Shi'i Iran (online)-by Shahla Haeri Family Planning Iran birth drive 'turns women into baby-making machines' (BBC) How Iran Became One of the World's Most Futuristic Countries (i09) Iran's Family Planning Program: Responding to a Nation's Needs (PRB) Iran's Surprising and Shortsighted Shift on Family Planning - Newsecuritybeat (August 8, 2012) Iran Achieves Replacement-Level Fertility (PRB) Iran bans permanent contraception to boost population growth - The Guardian (August 11, 2014) Iran urges baby boom, slashes birth-control programs - AP (July 29, 2012) Iran's Birth Rate Plummeting at Record Pace: Success Provides a Model for Other Developing Countries - Earth Policy Institute (December 28, 2001) Men and Family Planning in Iran (Institute for Research on Planning & Development Iran) A Holistic Approach Underpins the Islamic Republic of Iran's Success in Family Planning (UNFPA) Iran's birth control policy sent birthrate tumbling (LA Times) Infertile in Iran - Le Monde Diplomatique (April 2008) Family Planning Association (NGO) Condom factory in Iran (Video) Condoms help check Iran birth rate - BBC (April 24, 2002) A Womb Can Be Rented For ,000 (Sharq Daily) Women and the Politics of Population Control in Iran-by Homa Hoodfar Abortion Abortion in Iran - Guttmacher Org (September 2008)-Provides a brief overview of abortion law and issues.Pour des raisons d’accessibilité et de reférencement j’utilise une autre technique : left: -999em (cacher) et left: auto (montrer) Tout d’abord une précision quant à l’utilisation de left, top, right et bottom : ça ne fonctionne que sur des éléments positionnés (absolute, fixed, relative).Cela tombe bien puisque pour faire un sous menu déroulant celui-ci doit-être en position: absolute.Hi.interest are a variety of music outdoors family time most people call me sweetie I like to travel when I can I like vacations in the Smoky Mountains I'm just a simple girl love living the...Pour cacher/montrer un sous menu la technique du display: none (cacher) et display: block (montrer) est souvent utilisée.Questi tre che sono liberi in italia dovrebbero essere anche liberi all'estero come son stati fino al 7 settembre e come sono tuttora quelli della rai.


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