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As time has moved on, Badoo has spread into the UK and eventually hit the USA.Although it still doesn't completely position itself strictly as an online dating site, it merits our review treatment simply because that one of the main reasons that people use the site.

You pay to rise up in the search results (1 dollar per listing) and people are paying!That being said, as you flick through your potential dates it does also outline any common interests you have with the person being presented to you as an option for a romantic relationship.Download The Badoo App which was created by one of the happening online dating sites.This dating app gives the users a quick and easy way to meet local singles in your area who are looking to meet, enter into a relationship, or date online.One of the features which stands out for Android, i Phone and Windows Phone users is the – Bumped into – feature which allows you to see other users who are in your area.If they choose to verify, Badoo will send them a request for a photo with the person performing a specific gesture.


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