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This pottery is widely collected and has spawned the Blue Mountain Pottery Collectors Club.

was Canada's largest manufacturer of quality giftware pottery from its introduction in 1947 until the plant closed for good December 2004 ending a 57 year business.

It is important to be able to identify Blue Mountain Pottery from other look-a-likes.

To achieve their trademark streaky effect, each piece of pottery was dipped into two different kinds of liquid glazes, which would cover tiny pores in the clay.The glaze used on Blue Mountain Pottery is distinct, with a traditional green hue and a drip glaze that gives each piece a unique coating.A process called "reflowing" is used in which two glazes are combined at high temperatures to create a "free flow" effect. Blue Mountain Pottery exported many pieces to the United States, Great Britain, the Caribbean and Australia.Originally producing hand-painted ski motifs on purchased blanks, production of the red clay items started in 1953-1954.It went on to produce various types of pottery, from animal figurines to jugs, pots and vases.The company's products have a large fan base and are collected world-wide.


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