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It was one of those relationships that felt like magic from the first moment we saw each other.

We’re not kids and are taking things at a reasonable pace, but it’s hard for me not to dream about a life with this woman.

Honestly it’s not something I do near enough, but find it to be a special time that allows them some one on one attention, that is so very important and rare in our hectic schedules.

I felt like my life was being squeezed away with the demands of being a mom. He suggested I start doing this and I was quick to agree! It has helped lift my spirit and help me be a better wife and mom.Of course, the knee jerk reaction tends to be, “How selfish! ” But the more you sit with his concern, the more you understand that feeling like the least important person in the family puts a real damper on the enthusiasm for the relationship — and with good reason. There are times when your entire attention is focused on your partner, and that person is “Number One.” Your kids may be with their other parent. You may be on a romantic weekend with your new love.In fact, I’ve come to believe that announcing to your date that “MY KIDS COME FIRST” is a sure-fire way that people unknowingly sabotage a potential relationship. When you say, “My kids come first,” it sounds like you’re saying, “You will never be my number one priority.” But that’s not true. Every thinking person assumes that your children are already your top priority.After I was separated and divorced, I did not date for more than a year. Trying to form new relationships would have taken time and energy away from my kids during a time when their lives were still chaotic and confusing. My children needed time to let go of the hope their dad and I would get back together.With my focus on them, my children were reassured they were my priority. All children harbour this hope during a divorce because their family has fractured. I started to eat healthier, sleep more and exercise regularly.As a stay-at-home/home school mom, it’s tough finding time for myself.


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