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Over the weekend I hit the magazine racks and spotted Deelishis [London Charles] on the cover of Sister 2 Sister magazine.

Nothing personal, but I have her filed away in the ‘bitch please’ side of my brain.

dating “yet,” and that they’re both divorced, which means chill with your judgement.

Also, we’re actually not sure if Wiz’s divorce has been finalized.

But the actual report from the pegs her ex-husband Orlando Gordon as the culprit.

Deets inside and why Deelishis claims the rumors of her sexing a local comic and being chased out the window by her ex husband aren't true....

Instagram Over Thanksgiving weekend, “Flavor of Love 2” winner London “Deelishis” Charles released a questionable photo of herself hugged up with soon-to-be-divorced rapper Wiz Khalifa.“It’s a Happy Holiday,” she captioned the photo. This was public knowledge that they had an incident, which they had divorced, or someone had filed for divorce and this was ending.”And no, she doesn’t think that Amber would approve of whatever it is that they have going on.“I don’t think she’s happy.

Of course, this fueled rumors that the two are an item, or friends with benefits at the very least. […]At the start of any divorce, it doesn’t matter your reason for divorcing, in most cases you’re still a little sensitive once you see your ex-mate with someone. But I’m not the demise of your relationship.”“I’ve been a fan of hers so I don’t want to hurt her with this,” she continued.

Fearing that the show was all a stage to entertain, I often ask Flav, “Is this real or are you just having fun” He was always calm and with a sincere and straight face replied, “Yes this is real, and I do wanna have you in my life”.Not sure what happened after Flavor of Love 2, but the end result looked a lot like Hoopz with a lot more class and exposure.Here she was in Sister 2 Sister talking about finding a new love, it just wasn’t something I cared anything about. Some people are saying Deelishis is going to be singing Terry Mcmillan’s blues in a short time. Turns out in the article she did address what happened with Flavor Flav, but nothing like she did this morning on her Myspace page. Well I do believe it is time to answer THEE question.A new power couple is about to take over the hip hop industry, as Rick Ross and reality star Deelishis finally confirmed their relationship, through a couple of short Snapchat videos.For the past weeks, Deelishis has been sending hints on social media about a potential relationship with Rozay, but nobody was sure if this is for real. This eventually led to folks questioning the timeline of their “relationship.” Especially considering that Amber Rose just announced her split from Wiz this summer and cited infidelity as the reason for their marriage being over. I don’t know why they divorced,” she told Bijou Star.“I don’t know why females have this issue with Deelishis. I haven’t wrecked anyone’s home.”She also insists that she would be in favor of them getting back together.“That’s not my business that’s between him and Amber, and to be honest if they decided to remarry or get back together, whatever the situation, I would totally respect it and be for it as I’ve spoken on my radio show. “I don’t want to hurt anybody.”*side-eye* Watch Deelishis’ full interview below.


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