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In the subsequent medical examination she finds out that she’s the survivor of a late-term abortion which has resulted in her myriad medical and emotional problems.

Oh, and that her father and mother (John Schneider, Jennifer Price) are actually her adoptive parents.

This film just oozes romance, and if that’s what you’re looking for, it will be a perfect chick flick to enjoy with friend.

In fact, Donovan’s sister Becky arrives at the coffee shop nappy-haired, underdressed, and hungover-looking to announce that her “long night” consisted of a Danielle Steele movie marathon.

Date Removed: 12th January 2017 Available for: Unknown Description: Stunned by the truth of her birth, Hannah sets out on a road trip with a band of misfits to discover her past and find hope for her future.

Certificate: Year: 2011 Duration: 1hr 48m Audio: English Subtitles: English Director: Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin Cast: Rachel Hendrix, Jason Burkey, John Schneider, Jennifer Price, Colleen Trusler, James Austin Johnson, Amisho Lewis, Mary Tolley, Jasmine Guy, Shari Wiedmann, Tracy Miller, Lance E.

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The pair eventually split off from the group, finding their relationship deepening as they come closer to Hannah achieving her goal.

there’s a scene in which a nurse played by Jasmine Guy delivers a lengthy monologue about her participation in a horribly botched abortion.

The impassioned speech is clearly the raison d’etre of this earnest, faith-based drama, which lacks sufficient entertainment value to make its message go down more palatably.

“I feel dead inside,” Hanna evidently wrote days or weeks earlier. Hannah and Jason set out for Alabama where Hannah was born.

As it turns out, Hannah’s father Jacob (John Schneider), also a doctor, found his adult daughter’s diary, read it, and then passed it along to his colleague to read.


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