Updating gentoo profile

Please keep in mind that if you are using ssh to connect to the machine your installing on you will need to edit the sshd config to allow root login otherwise you will not be able to access your machine.Sometimes when the machine is shutdown after installation it will change the name of the network device from say eth0 to enp2s0, if this happens just repeat the steps in the networking setup section above replacing eth0 with new adapter id and remove the old one.Old-school Linux users were desperate to find a new way to feel superior.Some migrated to versions of BSD, others gave into baroque feats of self-torture like multi-booting 4 different operating systems from one USB drive.The sole reason to install Linux is to free yourself from the idiots that infest inferior platforms.

Some commands to help with this are emerge --ask -jv app-editors/vim app-admin/syslog-ng sys-process/cronie sys-apps/mlocate app-admin/sudo app-admin/logrotate app-misc/screen app-text/tree app-portage/gentoolkit app-portage/portage-utils net-misc/dhcpcd net-misc/netifrc Now we should be able to shutdown the system and the power back on into your working Gentoo installation.

The most notable of these implementations is the Gentoo/Free BSD project.

There is an ongoing effort called the Package Manager Specification project (PMS) to standardise and document the behaviour of Portage, allowing the ebuild tree and Gentoo system packages to be used with alternative package managers such as Paludis and pkgcore.

Portage is a package management system originally created for and used by Gentoo Linux and also by Chrome OS, Sabayon, and Funtoo Linux among others.

Portage is based on the concept of ports collections.


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