Updating identity column sql server 2016

General Links: SQL Server Central TF List: flags/70131/ MSDN TF list: Albert van der Sel TF list: Wiki TF list: Banerjee TF list: Paul Randal discussing TF Pro’s and Con’s: Some trace flags needs to be specified with ”t” rather than with ”T” in startup options!

: to: Lars Utterström Martin Höglund Håkan Winther Toine Rozemeijer Robert L Davis aka @sqlsoldier sql_handle aka @sql_handle Andrzej Kukuła Wilfred van Dijk So, here is the list, but it is just the beginning.

First some info to get you started: What are Microsoft SQL Server Trace Flags?

Trace Flags are settings that in some way or another alters the behaviour of various SQL Server functions. – You can use the DBCC TRACEON and DBCC TRACEOFF commands – You can use the -T option in the startup configuration fo the SQL Server Service -You can also use the hint QUERYTRACEON in your queries: ::= How do I know what Trace Flags are turned on at the moment?

Installation of the Cumulative Update is similar to the installation of a Service Pack.

Cumulative Updates are not fully regression tested.* Since January 27, 2016: Microsoft recommends ongoing, proactive installation of SQL Server CUs as they become available.

Tracking incremental changes can be accomplished using triggers or marking records, but these solutions can also affect performance and are usually quite complex.

And consult professionals first if you are the slightest uncertain about the effects of your changes.SQL Server 2014 adds support for updateable clustered columnstore indexes.With SQL Server 2014, the clustered columnstore index can be used in place of a traditional rowstore clustered index.CDC has a performance cost, but it's less than other change-tracking solutions such as triggers.When CDC is enabled, the changes are written to tables in the database and can be accessed using CDC system stored procedures.SQL Server CUs are certified to the same levels as Service Packs, and should be installed with the same level of confidence.976761 FIX: Error message when you perform a rolling upgrade in a SQL Server 2008 cluster : "18401, Login failed for user SQLTEST\Agent Service. Only administrator can connect at this time.[SQLState 42000]"956718 FIX: A MERGE statement may not enforce a foreign key constraint when the statement updates a unique key column that is not part of a clustering key that has a single row as the update source in SQL Server 2008977151 FIX: Error message when you add a subscription to a republisher that is in a merge publication in SQL Server 2005: "Cannot create the subscription because the subscription already exists in the subscription database"949959 FIX: Error message when you synchronize the data of a merge replication in SQL Server 2005: "The merge process is retrying a failed operation made to article 'Article Name' - Reason: 'Invalid input parameter values.


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