Updating portage gentoo

BTW, my X display has nice overlay/multi-depth visuals of different color depths: e.g.there are both depth 8 and 24 visuals available at the same time.Packages from the userland are upgraded to portage snapshot tagged on 20170526: link.

The User Guide illustrates GODAD techniques for climate data analysis: implements a powerful domain language which handles arbitrarily complex algebra, calculus, and statistics (using GSL).

1) Its possible to use a webpage as the screensaver.

Such screensaver should be more configurable than static video or slideshow of images.

I have two separate machine displays in front of me, one Windows the other X11: can I use x11vnc in combination with Win2VNC in dual-screen mode to pass the keystrokes and mouse motions to the X11 display?

Color problems: Why are the colors for some windows incorrect in x11vnc?


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